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About Georgia

Among the spectacular peaks of the Caucasus, the Black Sea coast is located a country called - Georgia. Since ancient times, it charms visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, ancient culture and interesting history.

Travel to Georgia is a very popular today!

The country shares borders: to the south by Turkey and Armenia, in the south -east with Azerbaijan, from the north -east by the Russian Federation, to the west is washed by the Black Sea waves. As for the climate, he - subtropical. Capital - Tbilisi. National language - Georgian.

Georgia, is a country where since ancient times have been crossed the eastern and western civilization, this fact is determines the diversity of culture. Georgia has an ancient alphabet. It is one of the fourteen scripts around the world. Georgian traces of ancient writing can be found on the inscriptions are in the territory of architectural monuments.

Wandering through the land of this country, you should definitely listen to the Georgian polyphonic chants. Famous Georgian poet Galaktion Tabidze wrote: “Nowhere, no one sings so, that here in this country." Impress you Georgian national dances, which have their own kinds, each region has its own distinctive dance based on the traditions of the region.

Georgian architecture is priceless. There are centuries-old churches, monasteries, mountain towns and monastic complexes.  Here was created unique masterpieces of Georgian hagiographic literature. It is worth noting the following mountain towns: Vardzija, David Gareji, Uplistsikhe.

Georgia is proud of monuments, which are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Gelati Monastery complex, which was created in the twelfth century, by order of King David the Builder. It contains  unique exhibits. In the monastery functioned Academy, which was famous outside the country.

Cultural attractions of the city of Mtskheta: Cathedral Svetitskhoveli and Djvari. Svetitskhoveli Cathedral was built in the eleventh century, visitors are impressed by the fact that in the Cathedral is tunic of the Lord.

Ushguli - a village in Upper Svaneti. This place is the most highly populated areas across Europe, 2200 meters above sea level.

Georgia is considered the cradle of wine here for a long time growing grapes of different varieties. To date, the wine is made, as by modern standards, and according to ancient traditions. By the Wine production, particularly is known Kakheti region. Georgian wine is well renowned outside the country, such as wine: Hvanchkara, Saferavi, Tsinandali, Kindzmarauli, Mukuzani, Teliani etc. The history has preserved the fact that Georgia was visited by the Argonauts, Marco Polo and many other famous travelers. Territory was crossed by the famous Silk Road.

Georgia is attractive in all seasons. In winter, you can relax in the ski resorts, such as: Bakuriani, Gudauri, Mestia. Here you will find a modern routes and refined hotels that promise you a memorable stay.

Tours in Georgia can be organized all the time!

In the spring, the country invites lovers of cultural tourism. Also needs become such forms of tourism, such as: rafting, paraglaiding, horse riding, bicycle tour, jeep tour, etc.

Beautiful, azure coast of the Black Sea becomes especially important in the summer. Take a rest on the resorts such as: Batumi, Chakvi, Ureki, Kobuleti, Anaklia, Sarfi, Gonio, Grigoleti. Here it is possible to choose how low cost, and high-budget hotels. Five-star hotels such as: Sheraton, Radisson, George Palace, Intourist. Georgia gives visitors a unique chance:  possibility of skiing in Mestia and then, after a two-hour drive to plunge into the transparent water of the Black Sea. If you rest in Adjara, you must visit her mountain region. It also should be noted Batumi Botanical Garden, which was founded by botanist A. Krasnov in 1936. In the garden is presented by more than 5,000 species of plants. In the autumn period is a popular wine tours that include the opportunity to participate in the grape harvest and wine making.

Georgia is a country of - an unforgettable memory, the collection of ancient cultures and traditions, diversity of landscapes and scenery, and subtropical steppe climate. You can choose any type of holiday, you can relax on the azure beach or arrange trekking in high mountains, visit the architectural masterpieces and plunge into the ancient civilization, to stay in the village and taste the original Georgian dishes. This country offers you a surge of emotion. The country, which will stay in your memories forever!


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