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Car rental in Tbilisi



Company info:
Car rental company in Tbilisi Concord Motors
Tel: +995 (32) 222 51 51
Fax: +995 (32) 222 09 60
Address: 82, str. Barnov, 0179 Tbilisi

Car rental in Tbilisi

Georgia is located to the south of Great Caucasus Mountain Range and to the east of the Black Sea, between Europe and Asia. Georgia is a small country with an ancient history and rich culture. Georgia is developing country which every day and every minute develops its independence, economic and structure. Georgia is located between Europe and Asia and that’s why during the centuries it was attracting enemies as well as the friends. Georgia is one of the best countries in the world where any person according to its religion, culture, tradition and wish can arrange as business as just traveler holidays. Georgia is a unique country by its geographic location, by nature, culture, history and religion.

Georgia is the country which offers you any type of adventure and unforgettable seconds in your life according to your wish and demands. Any time Georgia will welcome you in ski or seaside resorts. Any time Georgia will welcome you to ski or seaside resorts. Cities like: Batumi, Gudauri, Bakuriani, Mestia in Svaneti, and many others during the year, during all seasons are full will travelers.

At last period tourism is the main developing sector in country. Year by year more and more tourists are arriving in Georgia. Some of them arrive for business and some of them for leisure. Any time when you arrive in Georgia you will be amazed with its nature. For traveling in mountains you will need 4X4 cars.

In Georgia the best and the most prestigious car rental company is “Concord Motors”, the leader company in Georgia. “Concord Motorsis located in heart, in the capital of Georgia, in Tbilisi, which is the suitable place for all travellers for renting car. The company has achieved great results in the shortest time. Company has a very high prestige both in Georgia and abroad. Company cares for its clients. Car Rental Company provides the best quality of service and offers different kind of cars, from compact economy cars with low consumption to luxury or off road solutions. If you want to have safe travel in Georgia you can rent a car in Concord Motors. Your trip will be much safer and comfortable with our cars. It is known that when person has car, feels much more free and independent itself. Every day car rental is more and more popular in Georgia.

During arranging your trip abroad the main and important thing is to arrange your budget. Car rental is the process when you should care about the price. Car rental company “Concord Motors” provides the best prices for car rent and offers important discounts for long term conditions. To rent a car through the leader car rental company in Georgia is very easy and convenient way for customers. You can reserve car online or by phone. Company has qualified stuff which is at your disposal 24 hours a week. Company provides for its clients’ free insurance, it is very important issue as many main roads are located in mountain area.

Why you have to rent car through car rental company “Concord Motors”? The answer is that company doesn’t have limited kilometers and offers unbelievable prices for car renting. Company is the Guarantee of your safe and enjoyable trip. Company has individual attitude to every clients. Choosing the car rental company is very important decision and that’s why you have to choose company “Concord Motors”, which is the leader company in Georgia. Company can provide cars with and without driver. It’s up to you. Company “Concord Motors” is the guarantee of your success and high quality of service. Company can deliver car any time to any place, such as Tbilisi International Airport, Station Square or another place in Georgia, according to customer request.

Company’s all vehicles are equipped with modern amenities and security features that is the guarantee for successful and comfortable ride. Company will satisfy all your demands. You have just to check the availability of your requested car on web page and send your request online or just make one easy call. Car will be at your disposal! In addition company offers Accessories such as GPS Navigator, Roof Basket, Rear Mounted Bikes, Child Car Seat and others. Company cares for customers’ convenient travel and leisure and is frequently announcing different promotions. Maybe even right now if you enter the site you can find special offer which can be suitable for your travel plans. Try it right now!