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Regions of Georgia

From a historical perspective Imereti is one of the important regions of Georgia.
There have been periods in Georgia's history when the fate of the country is uniquely dependent on the region. The main city of Imereti - Kutaisi, who is the second largest in the beautiful country of Georgia, also played an important role in the country since ancient times. Information about the old West Georgia or Colchis and Kutaisi be found in many (Greek, Arabic, Armenian) historical sources and chronicles. A significant part of the Greek myths are associated with the history of this region. Kutaisi is mentioned in the "Argonauts", as the royal city of Colchis. The beginning of the dynasty of Bagrationi originated in this city. In a difficult period of the life of the country the capital was always transferred to  Kutaisi.

Today Imereti is an important historical, cultural, educational, economical region. The territory of the region is about 11% of the sheathe territory of the country that is 6.61 square kilometers. Imereti is divided into two parts: Upper and Lower Imereti. The districts of the Upper Imereti are: Kharagauli, Terjola, Tkibuli, Sachkhere Chiatura, Zestaphoni. The Lower include: Kutaisi, Tskhaltubo, Honey, Samtredia, Vani, Baghdadi. The subtropical moist sea air reaches till Lower Imereti. The average annual temperature is 14 - 15oC. The second river in Georgia, along its length (327 km), which originates in the Caucasus Mountains, flows mainly on the territory of Imereti (100 km). It should be noted among the minerals the manganese of Chiatura and the coal of Tkibuli.

There are a lot of sights In Imereti, cultural - architectural monuments; many of them are included in the list of World Heritage - UNESCO. During the reign of Bagrat III (end of X century and the beginning of XI century), by order of King Bagrat III was built Bagrati Cathedral in Kutaisi. The monastery of Gelaty was built at the beginning of the XII century also in Kutaisi. The King David Builder was buried in Gelati. Near the Gelati Monastery is located a monastic complex Motsameta which is distinguished by its unique location.
Let's visit in Imereti and enjoy its beautiful nature.

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