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Resorts in Georgia
There are many winter and summer  resorts in Georgia. The information about some resorts in Georgia is available here.


Resorts in, Georgia  

The popular ski mountain resort in Georgia - Gudauri (2000m above sea level) is located 120 km away from Tbilisi. Gudauri is popular resort for Georgians and foreigner skiers. In Gudauri one can enjoy white winter landscapes, beautiful sky and sunshine all day. Gudauri is also one of the best centers of Heli - skiing in the world.



Resorts in, Georgia  

The city Batumi is located 350 km from Tbilisi on a gulf of the Black Sea about 9.5 miles (15 km) north of the Turkish frontier. Batumi is an attractive city and popular resort for people who like sea and relaxation. Many gardens and streets here are lined with exotic plants (palm, bamboo, eucalyptus, magnolia, Laurel). In the north of the city is the Batumi Botanical Garden, with a rich collection of subtropical and tropical plants. Batumi is the centre of tea and citrus-growing area. Summer is very warm and pleasant. It is perfect place for recreation.




Grigoleti is situated in Lanchkhuti district, a wide sandy beach stretches along the sea. The beach sand contains big amounts of magnetic iron. A pine grove skirts along the whole length of the beach.



Resorts in, Georgia  

Kobuleti stretches along the Black Sea shore, with stony beach. Vegetation is presented by plantation of ornamental plant, tea and bamboo. Climate is subtropical. Summer is very warm. One can enjoy itself with swimming and active amusement.



Mtsvane Kontskhi (GreenCape)  
Resorts in, Georgia  

It is one of the most beautiful resorts in Ajara. It is situated, 72km above the sea level, 9km from the city of Batumi. The chief attraction of the resort is a fabulous botanic garden. It serves as a research station for the acclimatization and introduction into our country of new subtropical cultures delivered here from all over the world. The climate is subtropical with abundant warmth and humidity. Summer is very warm.



Resorts in, Georgia  

Ureki is a district of Ozurgeti (Guria). It is situated in the black sea shore. Vegetation is of subtropical variety. The climate is subtropical. Coastal climate and the sea are natural curative factors. The beach sand contains big amounts of magnetic iron that acts as an additional curative factor.



Resorts in, Georgia  

Bakuriani belongs to the Borjomi-Bakuriani group of resorts. It stands on the northern slope of the Trialeti Ridge within the Lesser Caucasus, 1700m above the sea level. The area of the Resort and its environs are rich in vegetation: large tracts of forest comprising dark coniferous species (fir, silver fir). Sunny and moderately frosty weather is typical for the Resort. Bakuriani is a resort in winter as well as in summer.



Resorts in, Georgia  

It is the highest alpine climatic resort in the Republic of Georgia. Bakhmaro is located in Chokhatauri district 1913-2022m above the sea level. The landscape is extremely picturesque. The mountain sides are covered with coniferous woods comprising fir and silver fir species. Winter is moderately mild. Snow cover is very high (some years sea it 4-5m) and exists for about 6 months. Summer is moderately dry. Average annual relative humidity of air is 73 per cent. There are over 2000hr of sunshine per annum. There is a very intensive ultraviolet solar radiation. Climatic conditions exert a curative effect upon chronic diseases of respiratory organs (of non-tubercular etiology) and upon hypotonic disorders.



Resorts in, Georgia  

Nunisi is a mountainous resort in Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park. It is famous for its historical sights and naturally warm mineral sulfur water. Nunisi mineral water affects on hair and face skin.



Resorts in, Georgia  

Shovi is located in Oni, 230 km from Tbilisi, 1600m above the sea level. The nearby mountain sides are covered mainly with coniferous woods (fir, silver fir, pine). Climate is of the medium alpine zone (the upper belt). Winter is moderately mild with stable snow cover. Summer is moderately warm. Relative air humidity is 50-60 per cent in summer and about 70 per cent in winter. Sunshine amounts to more than 2000hr per annum. The air is perfectly clean and fresh. Moderate mountain and valley winds are typical. Besides its medium alpine climate, the Resort also has a curative factor, mineral waters of numerous springs located in the valleys of the Buba and Chanchakhi-Rivers. They are used as a medical drink.



Resorts in, Georgia  

It is located 800-1000m above the sea level. Vegetation is mainly represented by coniferous (fir, pine, silver fir) and leaf-bearing (oak, beech, hornbeam, birch) species. Climate peculiarities are determined by the location of the Resort in the lower alpine forest zone of the subtropical belt. Summer is warm with, mostly sunny weather. In addition to its salubrious climate, Borjomi is famous for its mineral waters, which is another major natural curative factor. Likani belongs to the Borjomi-Bakuriani group of resorts and is located in Borjomi district, 20km from the district center, on the northern slope of the Trialeti Ridge (within the Lesser Caucasus), 1370km above the sea level. The area of the Resort is a plateau covered with dense coniferous woods (fir, pine, silver fir). Its climate is of the medium alpine zone (the lower belt). Winter is moderately mild with plenty of snow. Summer is moderately warm and there is about 2200hr of sunshine during the year. The intensity of ultraviolet radiation is rather high. The resort resources also include mineral waters of numerous natural springs located.



Resorts in, Georgia  

It is situated 55km south from the city Kutaisi. Altitude 950 m above the sea level, in the valley of the Tsablaris tskali-River. The nearby mountain sides are overgrown with leaf-bearing (oak, beech, etc) and also coniferous woods. Climatic features are determined by the Resort's location in the forest zone of the subtropical belt. The major natural curative factors are mineral waters known since the end of the XIX century. The Resort of Sairme operates during the warm season (from May to November).



Resorts in, Georgia  

Tskaltubo is situated in the valley of Tskaltubo-river, 9km from north-west of Kutaisi, 235km from Tbilisi and 70km from the Black Sea, at the height of 95-120m. Winter is very mild and summer is very warm. Tskaltubo's mineral water has rather stable psycho-chemical properties. It belongs to the class of weak radon. Natural temperature of water (+33-35c) makes its use possible without pre-heating.

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