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  Concord Travel in Kutaisi    

Kutaisi is an ancient city. There are ancient monuments and modern buildings and amazing hospitality in Kutaisi.
by the legend on the present territory of the city 33centuries ago, there existed ruled by The King Ayet owner of the golden fleece. Myths of famous Argonauts were born in that period. You walk in the city and listen the legend: there were four fountains of milk, water, wine and fragrant oil… Medea makes her mysterious drug and expects Jason somewhere in the palace... The king Ayet plow their land of fiery bulls and sow the teeth of monsters .... The King Ayet is looking for his Golden Flees.

This legendary city during the centuries is an interesting place for many people around the world, a lot of kings and generals sought to take the city.
In such mysterious and interesting city the tourist company "Concord Travel" opened its branch. (Agmashenebeli St. № 127). Here you will be awaited by a highly qualified staff. We chose Kutaisi for one more very important feature, here is the international airport of David Agmashenebeli and here sit down planes from many countries.

The infrastructure of the city rose day by day. In 2012 the Parliament of Georgia moved to Kutaisi, in a new very modern building.
Everyone loves to travel and explore interesting places. Before going on a trip people mainly looking for in Google travel agency or company to order the tour. Using the keywords "travel company in Kutaisi" or "Travel Agency in Kutaisi" you can find company "Concord Travel" in Google.

The company has been on the market for a long time, it is well known in the international market and people trust it. It offers tours not only in Georgia, but also tours in the South Caucasus (Armenia and Azerbaijan). Length of stay of your choice from one day or more. We offer guaranteed and special tours for one person and more.
Georgia is a coastal and mountainous country, so in our company you can rest and see the sights of the country at any time of year.
Our company has many partners in different countries, and interest of Concord Travel is growing day by day, due of that Concord Travel decide to open branches, not only in the country but in other countries too in the future.

Travel company "Concord Travel" –it is a guarantee of unforgettable excursions and tours in Georgia and in the South Caucasus. Join us and open an unforgettable beauty and fabulous places ...


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  Dear Guests, Concord Travel made a gift-gallery especially for you. You are Welcome to choose one you liked.

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These gifts are all exclusive, most important - works of Georgian Artists. 
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