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Nabadi Theatre
Nabadi Theatre Nabadi Theatre Nabadi Theatre Nabadi Theatre









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    Folk Theatre NABADI

The folk theatre "Nabadi", completely different and almost unique with its essence presents new style performance. The long history of Georgia, the country being a crossroad between Europe and Asia is shown in traditional and modern forms of expression, sense of rhythm, folk dances and songs.

The name of the theatre "Nabadi" comes from the name of an ancient Georgian garment and also bears a meaning of a newborn. Founders of the theatre pay tribute to those ancient traditions and continue them by passing them to the generations.

The play "Nabadi" itself as a certain "business card" presenting the whole theatre is worth particular discussion.
The performance lasting for 90 minutes makes alive the past of Georgia, its traditions, culture, mythos and characteristic features of the people (during the performance unique Georgian wines and sweets will be served).

It goes without saying that absence of speech and main attention attracted to the action and rhythm makes the performance more amusing and completely attractive.