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History of Georgia
Kings of Georgia

Kings of Kartli or Iberia

Samara (of Mtskheta) 322 BC
Azon (Eristavi) 322-302 BC
Farnavaz 302-237 BC (284-219)
Saurmag (Son of Farnavaz) 237-162 BC
Mirvan I 162-112 BC
Farnadjom (Son of Mirvan) 112-93 BC
Arshak I (begining of Dinasty of Arashakunian) 93-81 BC
Artag (Son of Arshak) 81-66 BC
Bartom (Son of Artag) 66-33 BC
Mirvan (Son of Farnadjom) 32-23 BC
Arshak II (Son of Mirvan) 23-2 BC
Adreki 2-1 BC
Bartom II & Qartam (begining of having two kings) 55-72 AD
Kaos & Farsman I 72-87 AD
Armazel & Azork 87-103 AD
Derok & Amzasp I 103-113 AD
Mirdat I & Farsman II 113-129
Adam (Son of Farsman) 129-132
Farsman III (Son of Adam) 131-182
Amzasp II 182-186
Rev (begining of Dinasty of Sasanian) 186-213
Vache (Son of Rev) 213-231
Bakur I (Son of Vache) 231-246
Mirdat II (Son of Bakur) 246-262
Asfagur (Son of Mirdat) 262-265
Mirian (begining of Dinasty of Khosroian) 265-342
Bakar I (Son of Mirian) 342-364
Mirdat III (Son of Bakar) 364-379
Varaz-Bakar II (Son of Mirdat) 378-393
Mitridat (grandSon of Mirian) 393-405
Farsman IV (Son of Varaz-Bakar) 405-408
Mirdat IV (Son of Varaz-Bakar) 408-410
Archil I (Son of Mirdat) 410-434
Mirdat V (Son of Archil) 434-446
Vakhtang I (Gorgasali) 446-502
Dachi (Son of Vakhtang) 502-514
Bakur II (Son of Dachi) 514-528
Farsman V (Son of Bakur) 528-542
Farsman VI 542-557
Bakur III (Son of Farsman) 557-560
Gvaram I (Kuroplati, first from Bagration Dinasty) 575-600
Stephanoz I (Son of Gvaram) 600-619
Adarnase (Eristavi, Son of Bakur) 619-639
Stephanoz II (Eristavi, Son of Adarnase) 639-663
Mir (Eristavi, Son of Stephanoz) 663-668
Archil II (Eristavi, Son of Stephanoz) 668-718
Ioane (Son of Archil) 718-786

Kings of Kartli and Tao-Klardjeti,
(Dinasty of Bagrations)

Ashot I (Kuropalati, Son of Adarnase) 786-836
Bagrat II (Kuropalati, Son of Ashot) 836-876
Davit I (Kuropalati, Son of Bagrat) 876-881
Gurgen I (Kuropalati, Son of Adarnase) 881-891
Adarnase II (King, Son of Davit) 888-923
Davit II (King, Son of Adarnase) 923-937
Ashot II (Kuropalati, Son of Adarnase) 937-954
Sumbat I (Kuropalati, Son of Adarnase) 954-958
Adarnase III (Kuropalati, Son of Bagrat) 958-961
Bagrat II (King, Son of Sumbat) 961-994
Davit III (King and Kuropalati, Son of Adarnase) + 1001
Gurgen II (King, Son of Bagrat) + 1008

Kings of Georgia

Bagrat III (Son of Gurgen) 975-1014
Giorgi I George (Son of Bagrat) 1014-1027
Bagrat IV (Son of Giorgi) 1027-1072
Giorgi II (Son of Bagrat) 1072-1089
Davit IV (Son of Giorgi, "Agmashenebeli -David the Builder") 1089-1125
Demetre I (Son of Davit) 1125-1156
Davit V (Son of Demetre) + 1155
Giorgi III (Son of Demetre) 1156-1184
Queen Tamara (Tamar the king, Daughter of Giorgi, ) 1184-1215
Giorgi IV (Lasha, Son of Tamar and Davit) 1215-1222
Queen Rusudan (Daughter of Tamar and Davit) 1222-1245
Davit VI Narin (Son of Rusudan, from 1259 become a king of Imereti) 1245-1293
Davit VII Ulu (Son of Lasha-Giorgi) 1257-1270
Dimitri II ("Tavdadebuli", Son of Davit Ulu) 1271-1289
Vakhtang II (Son of Davit Narin) 1289-1292
Davit VIII (Son of Dimitri) 1293-1311
Vakhtang III (Son of Dimitri) 1302-1308
Giorgi VI (Son of Davit) 1311-1313
Giorgi V ("Brtskinvale"Son of Dimitri) 1314-1346
Davit IX (Son of Giorgi V) 1346-1360
Bagrat V (Son of Davit) 1360-1393
Giorgi VII (Son of Bagrat) 1393-1407
Konstantine I (Son of Bagrat) 1407-1411
Alexandre I (Son of Konstantine) 1412-1443
Vakhtang IV (Son of Alexandre) 1443-1446
Giorgi VIII (George, Son of Alexandre, after 1476 become king of Kakheti) 1446-1466

Kings of Kartli

Bagrat VI (II, Son of Giorgi , also a king of Imereti) 1466-1478
Konstantine II (Son of Dimitry) 1479-1505
Davit X (Son of Konstantine) 1505-1525
Giorgi IX (Son of Konstantine) 1525-1534
Luarsab I (Son of Davit) 1534-1558
Simon I (Son of Luarsab) 1558-1600
Davit XI (Dautkhani, Son of Luarsab, become a muslim) 1564-1579
Giorgi X (Son of Simon) 1601-1606
Luarsab II (Son of Giorgi, was martyred by Shahabas I in 1622) 1606-1615
Bagrat VII (Son of Dautkhani, also a muslim) 1615-1619
Simon II (Son of Bagrat, a muslim) 1619-1631
Rostom (Son of Dautkhani, a muslim) 1632-1658
Vakhtang V (Mukhran-Batoni, Shahnavazi, Son of Teimuraz) 1658-1675
Giorgi XI (Son of Vakhtang) 1676-1688 /1703-1709
Erekle I (Nazaralikhani, Son of Davit become a muslim) 1688-1703
Vakhtang VI (Son of Levan) 1703-1724
Kaikhosro (Son of Levan, a muslim) 1701-1711
Iese (Ali-Kuli-Khani 1714-1716 /17241727
Bagrat (Son of Vakhtang) 1717-1719
Archili (Abdulabegi, Son of Iese) 1736
Aleksandre (Ali Mirza, Davit Son of Imamukeli) 1736
*** GEORGIA UNDER TURKS, without a kings ***
Teimuraz II (Son of Erekle, from 1709-1715 rules Kaheti and becomes a king of Kaheti in 1733-1744) 1744-1761
Erekle II (Son of Teimuraz, king of Kaheti from 1744-1762) 1762-1798
Giorgi XII (Son of Erekle, king of Kartli-Kakheti) 1898-1800
Davit XII (Son of Giorgi) 1800-1801


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